Children’s Choir Info

Schedule & Attire for those participating in Children’s Choir

Sundays: October 22, November 5, November 12, November 19, November 26
Rehearsal in the Fellowship Hall immediately after church (around 11:15am – should last approx 30 min)

Saturday, December 2
Rehearsal in the Sanctuary at 9AM for Children’s Choir
Rehearsal for those participating in Lucia (Attendants, Lucia, Starboys, and Readers) directly after at 9:30AM

Sunday, December 3, Julfest Day:
Rehearsal directly after church in the sanctuary @ 11:15AM
Children gathered in Fireside Room for warm-up NO LATER THAN 3:30PM dressed and ready to sing!

Julfest Attire for Children’s Choir: A nice top (preferably in white/black/red) and nice pants (dark/navy/khaki) — no jeans please! We will whip out the festive scarves for all kids to wear.

Kids should be ready to sing 5 songs (Pepparkakor, Goder Afton, Nu Ar, Tomte song, Nu Har vi jus) with the word sheets– there is no expectation that they are memorized!

Schedule & Attire for those participating in the Lucia Procession

Saturday, December 2
Rehearsal for Lucia Procession at 9:30AM
Dress and Star Boy gown assignment at 10AM

Sunday, December 3
If in Children’s Choir, arrive by 3:30pm; if not in Children’s Choir, arrive by 4pm.

If you are in the Lucia Pageant as an attendant, please wear white tights (no socks), white undergarments and a white undershirt.

If you are a Star Boy, please wear dark pants (navy or black – no jeans!), a white shirt, and either all white or all black socks (without the grey/colored toes and heels if at all possible).